Ofwat – Developing scenarios for long-term reductions in household water use

Project Description

Ofwat has a commitment to protect water customers and regulate in a way that secures efficient, resilient water supplies for the long-term. They wanted to get insight on the potential for deep demand reductions in domestic water use, to assess long-term customer needs and raise expectations for water companies and other stakeholders during future price reviews.

Artesia worked with Ofwat to help inform their long-term strategy by assessing historic and current demand for water and analysing factors that could affect customer water use in the future, including behaviour, products and metering. This was based on stakeholder consultation, scenario development and application of an innovative approach to household water demand modelling which produced a distribution of potential water use for each scenario. A summary of the scenario analysis is shown below.

As a result of this work, Ofwat gained insight into what future water demand might look like from the scenarios we developed, which demonstrated that significant reductions in water use compared to the current rate of consumption were feasible, with the right combination of technology, regulation and behaviour change. Some of the technologies considered are already proven but delivering such deep reductions will require collaboration between stakeholders, greater awareness of water scarcity issues in the UK, combined with greater leadership in moving this whole area forward.

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