Pictured above: Rob Lawson giving his take on “new approaches to forecasting water use” at the 2065 Conference.


Successes of March and April

March and April have been a motivational month here at Artesia, with the launch of eVader; our new event detection and alarm system; and confirmation of our Framework contract to provide Leakage Consultancy Services for Severn Trent and for Dee Valley Water. At the TWENTY 65 conference in Manchester Dene Marshallsay and Rob Lawson provided thought provoking presentations on strategies to drive down future consumption. And, this week Artesia ran a workshop to an international audience on managing water networks at the Smart Water Systems conference. Also a very special mention for Artesia’s Shana Meeus who collected the ‘Emerging Young Talent’ award from Future Water Association.

Consultancy projects

One of our most interesting projects this month was reporting on the long term potential for demand management In Water in 2025/2030, examining potential savings from interventions and the options for deep reduction in consumption. It didn’t stop there, our team has continued their analysis of commercial and domestic night use projects using current leakage and convergence calculations.

Artesia continues its monitoring programme to determine if rainwater harvesting can achieve a potable household water consumption rate of 80 l/person/d in a specific area. This requires an evaluation of a range of variables that influence the supply of and demand for non-potable water. This in turn will determine if the original design and operation of the non-potable supply system; and the water using behaviour of the residents allow the 80 l/property/day planning condition to be achieved. This will also inform potential options that may need to be implemented in the future to achieve this planning requirement.

Our ‘Siloette’ logging units are back in the office this week -after recording vast amounts of data on high resolution instantaneous flow rates. Artesia is now using the data for MUR assessments. Our research into Siloette’s technological abilities continues with our youngest team member investigating further applications.

If you are interested in any of these projects, or have questions about what Artesia could do for your water network, get in touch: 01454 320091.