Artesia Consulting provides specialist consultancy in water resource management, water efficiency and conservation, leakage and water loss management, demand management and smart metering.

We are a multi-disciplinary team with extensive experience of work in the UK and international water supply industry. Working as a team, we bring a wide range of skills, knowledge, perspective, experience and personality to each project we undertake. We have expertise and provide services in the following areas:

Water Resource Planning

Supply-demand balance forecasting and modelling, risk and uncertainty analysis, option identification and evaluation, cost benefit analysis and decision making.

Smart Metering & Metering

Metering, developing domestic and revenue metering policies as the industry moves from a largely un-metered customer base towards full smart metering. Meter under-registration analysis and reporting.

Leakage Management

Leakage, water loss, and non revenue water management. Economic level of leakage analysis, and support to water companies in setting leakage targets and controlling leakage in the most efficient way.

Water Conservation

Water efficiency, conservation, and demand management. Identifying and evaluating the best options for managing the future demand from customers.

Data Analytics

Data analysis, statistics and mathematical modelling.

Water Demand Forecasting

Demand modelling and forecasting, household and non-household demand and consumption analysis, including micro-component or end-use monitoring and analysis, trend and time series analysis, back-casting and uncertainty analysis.

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