Artesia brings fresh thinking for managing water demand…the debate moves forward!

A report by Artesia Consulting for Ofwat, has been released today. In answering Ofwat’s question as to how far households can cut demand for water over the next 50 years; the report explores what demand for water might be in 2065.

Rob Lawson, Artesia’s project director said: “We are delighted to have produced this report on behalf of Ofwat. Our research shows what reductions in consumption are possible and we hope it will move the debate forward in the sector. We look forward to working with a range of stakeholders on this topic in the future.”

We know that the population is growing and this increase could be 10 million people over the next 50 years. Climate change is also going to have a significant impact. And as individuals we are using more water with a typical person currently using about 140 litres of water per day in England and Wales, up from 85 litres per person in the 1960s.  However, the methods of the past of taking more water from the environment and building infrastructure to store it are now fraught with environmental and structural problems – so fresh thinking for managing demand and developing new technical solutions are needed. In reducing personal water use some quick wins such as fixing leaky loos, as well as adopting innovative technologies, changing behaviour and reusing grey water can help to tackle some of the big challenges we face today.

John Russell, Ofwat’s Senior Director of Strategy and planning, said: “With a fifty-year time horizon, we can afford to look beyond the current constraints, to think about the deep reductions that consumers could make, if we all work together. As well as being an important resource for our future price reviews – and to an extent the one that’s gearing up now – we hope that this study provokes discussion in the sector.”

To read the full report link here:

The long term potential for deep reductions in household water demand – report by Artesia Consulting