An exciting week for Artesia with the launch of eVader and its dedicated website

eVader is our network event detection system using the application of robust statistical processes; and already tested and validated on over 4,000 sites including district meters, trunk mains and pressure sites on over 4 years of data.

eVader has been designed to monitor 1000’s of points simultaneously, and learn what is normal for the network. Importantly, eVader produces an alarm in real time when an abnormal event occurs, and before customers become aware of a problem.  eVader has been developed to meet the needs of network operators, providing real-time updates with robust and accurate alarms that the operator can act upon. Thus, improving efficiency, reducing the time customers might be without water, improving resilience and reducing water lost from the network. eVader also provides confirmation that the network has returned to normal conditions after the event has passed.

eVader is simple to use, requiring no manual inputs to train the system, and produces reliable and accurate event alarms, which allows water supply operators to:

  • minimise the time customers might otherwise go without water,
  • operate the network more efficiently,
  • reduce the volume of water lost,
  • improve resilience.

Artesia is currently working with three water companies to implement eVader. Ask for further information and a trial of your event data by contacting Artesia Consulting and the eVader team on