August was another busy month that saw the delivery of demand, leakage and water resources projects. As we focus more on the data analytics, statistics and modelling we are looking to increase our capacity in this area and recruit. Artesia has again been in and on the news, with an interview for Sky News. Also this month, Rob has been contributing to CIWEM’s updated briefing on Brexit.


Artesia is recruiting

Due to an exciting period of significant growth, innovation and development, Artesia is searching for Data Analysts and Statisticians to join our professional and friendly team. The successful candidates will be responsible for statistical and/or data analysis, large database manipulation and mathematical modelling. Assisting to tackle the significant challenges our clients face as they ensure that there is enough water for future generations.

You can find out more about the position here: recruitment link


Artesia in the news

Before the rain came back, Sky News featured Rob Lawson (as chair of CIWEM Water Resources Panel), informing them we need to be more ambitious with meeting water leakage targets. Better data is helping us to target leaks more efficiently, but, more can be done with regional water transfers and water efficiency to help with managing the changes in weather.

Mid-August saw another airing in the Sunday Times for Artesia’s report for Ofwat. ‘Don’t flush it all: new advice to save water’ the full article can be read on The Times website, subscribe here to read the full article.


Leaving the EU

CIWEM’s policy team updated their briefing on the implications of leaving the EU for the environment. CIWEM state that the fundamental foundations of environmental protection must be transposed into UK law. Calling for progressive agriculture and land management, ensuring public money is used efficiently to deliver sustainable food production whilst improving the provision of public goods including ecosystem services, public health, high water quality and catchment level flood resilience.

The full Brexit briefing can be found online here.