We are delighted to announce that Artesia have just been awarded a contract from Severn Trent Water and from Dee Valley Water to provide consultancy services on leakage management for a 3 year period. “The tendering process was exhausting and thorough; and we are delighted to have come out of it with this success” says Simon Gordon-Walker. “This is a significant achievement for Artesia as a small 12 person SME,  it is the first time we have won under competitive tendering a major framework contract we look forward to supporting both companies in working to achieve their challenging leakage targets.”  This success builds on Artesia’s continuing development and implementation of new approaches in understanding leakage; statistical expertise which bring increased accuracy and reliability to leakage management

For more information contact Simon Gordon-Walker on 01454 320091 or by e-mailing info@artesia-consulting.co.uk