Artesia Consulting in May

What excellent sunny and hot weather we have had this month, reminding us that it doesn’t always rain in the UK…though the last couple days has reminded us that the rain is never too far away.  A very pertinent matter in the context of our water efficiency work and it  hasn’t stopped our team at Artesia working hard solving water challenges. Our recent study on potential deep reductions in household water consumption was published by OFWAT, and it has been great to see the interest and shares on social media, the web and even attention from national newspapers as we try to impact social behaviour and our attitudes towards water loss.

Household Consumption Forecasting

We completed Household Consumption Forecasting including seasonal night use and water saving programs for one UK water company, to support their Water Resource Management Plans (WRMP) 2019.  For another water company, we used the convergence method and current leakage calculation, to write a report on their Domestic Night Use (DNU) using Ashridge Logger data on individual households.

Flow Rates

Our ‘Siloette’ logging units are back in the ground, collecting high resolution instantaneous flow rate data. We can’t wait to start our analysis on these to use the data for MUR assessments.

Optimised Leakage Targeting

Work has progressed on developing our tool for optimised leakage targeting. Artesia have appointed a new team member under the KTP project with Exeter university. Our Randomised Control Trial (RCT) has advanced this month as we aim to accurately assess the effect of home audits on consumption, and the difference in savings that can be achieved by targeting home visits. As part of this project we will also identify the effect of home audits on consumption, compare to consumption without home audits.

Team Achievements

We are proud to share the news that our Director, Rob Lawson is the new Chair of the CIWEM Water Resources panel. This is one of CIWEM’s five Technical Panels that ensure that the Institution is able to fulfill all aspects of its Royal Charter. The Panel comprises a range of experts in the water resources field, drawn from government, regulators, water companies, consultants, research organisations and others. The May meeting discussed the National Infrastructure Commission Report ‘Preparing for a Drier Future’ and the Ofwat report on ‘Long term potential for deep reductions in household demand’. These reports will inform an updated to CIWEMs position statement on water resources planning, to be published soon.

You can read more about the Panel and CIWEM’s water resources work here:

Following a report on future drought risks from the Environment Agency, Simon Gordon-Walker was interviewed  in The Guardian advising on the importance of water efficiency.

You can read more from The Guardian here:


If you are interested in any of these projects, or have questions about what Artesia could do for your water network, get in touch: 01454 320091.

(Photograph: Rick Harrison/Getty Images, featured on The Guardian;