Artesia is 10 years old

This month Artesia has been celebrating a decade of providing consultancy and data analytics services to the water industry. We took a trip down the River Avon (pictured above) to celebrate our achievements and the company’s continued growth, meeting ambitious goals and solving complex water industry problems.


Artesia in the news

Rob Lawson, Artesia’s water resources expert, told BBC Reality Check that water consumption in a dry summer typically increases by 10-25% compared with winter periods, however, this could be as high as 40-50% in specific areas for short periods during heatwaves such as the one we have been experiencing this month.

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Water Briefing featured Rob Lawson talking about the issues around Ofwat’s recent report on the long-term potential for making deep reductions in household demand. With increasing pressures on water resources, reducing demand will be an important feature of the current round of water company business plans. The report identified four future scenarios that illustrate how personal water use could be reduced from the current national average of 141 litres per person per day to between 49 and 83 litres per day by 2065.

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Innovation Festival 2018

In early July, Dene Marshallsay joined an international group of leading water professionals at Northumbrian Water Group’s Innovation festival to discuss solutions to major social and environmental challenges facing the water industry. Dene participated in the ‘Every Drop Counts’ sprint, sponsored by The Big Bang Partnership and Waterwise, which looked at how and why we need to save water. With other European Countries using less water per person on average than the UK, the question was asked; ‘what can we all do to save water and protect this vital resource?’

The discussion fed into how we can deliver behaviour change at scale, be ambitious about achieving reductions in water use and create a catalyst for change. ‘Toilet Tuesday’ was proposed as an incentivised programme to help customers check for leaky loos, save water and save money.

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If you are interested in any of these projects, or have questions about what Artesia could do for your water network, get in touch: 01454 320091.